Josh Brown, past student and current intern
"This is my fifth semester at CCBI New Zealand. I spent all four of my student semesters here and finished through their program. I am now an intern and keep coming back because of the work God does here. The staff truly have a focus for discipleship and the growth of students and interns in the Lord. Ministry in this part of the world is so cool to see and learn from because you become a part of it while at the school here. I have truly seen the Lord change me over the past two years while being here. The environment is growth and discipleship focused, which is why I am so glad I came. God works through committed people and that is what I see here at CCBI."
–Josh Brown, past student and intern
Aaron Sabio, past intern and current youth pastor
"I thank God for allowing me to intern at Calvary Chapel Bible Institute. The Lord continues to use that special season of my life as a foundation for the ministries I am involved in today. Through my time serving with CCBI, I learned how to teach the Word of God, lead foreign missions trips, practically disciple believers, better hear God’s voice, and cultivate Christ-like friendships."
– Aaron Sabio, past intern and current youth pastor
Amy Zarichniak, past student
"Any time spent at CCBI is well-committed to the Lord. My decision to leave two jobs and follow the Lord’s call was worth every bit of uncertainty as Jesus met my heart’s needs at CCBI. The ample time to meet with others and invest in fellowship was invaluable; it was such a joy to be drawn into an environment that uplifted and edified me constantly. I have never been in a Christian community that so clearly taught the value of discipleship and what it means to practically live it out in today’s world. Not only did I make amazing friends, but because of what was taught, my friendships at home improved and became more Christ-centered. Solid Biblical teaching that makes the Word come alive, in a country that takes your breath away every moment; I have many cherished memories from my time at CCBI!"
– Amy Zarichniak, past student
Stephen Vital, past student and current intern
"My time at CCBI has been truly life changing. I came here two years ago planning to stay for just a year, but God had other plans and here I am on my third year now, doing an internship. I have absolutely loved my time here and have grown so much in my relationship with the LORD. It’s been pretty amazing to see the work that God has done in me that has transformed me into the person I am today. The staff here are all absolutely amazing and their hearts for the students and discipleship are second to none. When I look back at the past two years of my life I can only thank God for bringing me here and introducing me to this place and the life long friends that I have made. CCBI is an incredible place and I wouldn’t trade my time here with the people here for anything else."
– Stephen Vital, past student and intern
Callie Corum, past student
"I’ve spent my last two semesters of the two year program at CCBI. I have been so privileged to be immersed in the Word of God, under some of the most amazing Bible teachers and be around an environment of constant discipleship. The staff are always there to come alongside, whether it’s helping with homework or taking time to have a heart to heart conversation. Going to Bible college has ignited the fire in my heart to do ministry. I’ve learned so much of what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and learn how to practically live out all that has been poured into me. I’m so encouraged and enriched by the time that I’ve spent being in the Word and being discipled by the staff as they came alongside, equipping, encouraging and always pointing me to Jesus. My faith has been rooted deeper than ever before. I couldn’t imagine a greater experience at Bible school, meeting some of the dearest friends and learning to live out the gospel in one of the most beautiful places on earth."
– Callie Corum, past student
Joe Crispi, past student
"I would not trade my time at CCBI for the world. God brought me to Bible college during a pivotal point in my life. I had the choice of either starting ministry or receiving a higher education through Bible college and am I glad that I chose the latter. I did not realize how much I didn’t know about the Bible until I was exposed to the men and women who were leading the Bible college. It blew me away how serious and devoted the staff was to not teaching their opinions of the Bible, but teaching what the Word says and not straying from it. Not only were the staff so seriously devoted to the teaching of the Bible, but they were also deeply invested in the student’s lives. There was not a moment that I even second guessed how much I was loved by those I was surrounded by. They are constantly intentional with how they interact with you. The school was an amazing environment to grow in my understanding of the scriptures, what it means to be a servant, and what it means to be in a relationship with God.

I spent two semesters at CCBI and I grew so deeply because of the intentionality of those I was surrounded by. My favorite part of CCBI was that no one ever just let me believe something simply because I wanted to believe it. They always challenged me to dig deeper and see what God said about what I was believing and because of that, the Lord removed so many lies I had believed and my perspective drastically changed in how I viewed myself and my relationships with the world around me. I thank God for the opportunity to attend CCBI, I grew so close to God because of it, I gained lifelong friends, and had amazing experiences that are only offered when you leave the comfort of your home. I am so thankful for CCBI New Zealand."

– Joe Crispi, past student