One of the unique factors of CCBI is that staff families live on campus alongside other students and student families. This allows for greater access to one another and fellowship. In addition to getting further equipped, student couples/families often serve as an example to others around them.


Dormitory housing is included in the tuition fees. At CCBI, a key part of the learning process is the dynamic of living and interacting with other students. God uses close living to teach students about patience, reconciliation, self-centeredness, prayer, service, and sacrifice. As a campus of students from various cultures, we ask that each student be sensitive to one another’s culture, and love and serve one another.

Laundry Services

Laundry costs are not included in the tuition price. There is a washer available but students will need to provide their own laundry detergent.


At CCBI New Zealand, there are lots of times for you to have fellowship and get to know other students as well as the staff. There is a weekly chapel service “Koinonia” as well as a Tuesday night prayer meeting that is attended by both students and staff. Students meet together each Friday in small groups, have morning devotions together and eat most meals together. In your free time, grab other students and play volleyball, get a coffee at the Coffee Lounge, play basketball, soccer or ultimate frisbee.

There is plenty of space to explore and enjoy and you will get to do it with other like-minded people. Most of the staff live onsite so you will get to know them in a way maybe not possible at another location. We take a 10-day outreach each semester and you will get to know those on your team quite well during this time. You will also be part of a team that serves at a local church each Sunday.

What we are trying to say is that you can’t really come to CCBI and hide. We believe in fellowship and we try to allow that to happen on many levels and in many different scenarios. We want this to be like a family for you during your time here and for you to get to know those here and be able to open up to them and speak into one another’s lives.


Every semester, students and some staff head out for a 10-day Outreach. We cannot quantify the impact that these have on each student to have a growing concern and care for others, a desire to build up the Body of Christ, and a burden to reach the lost.

Outreach Information

  • Each student is part of one 10-day outreach per semester.
  • As there are various weekend outreaches throughout the semester, students are welcome to join multiple weekend outreach teams.
  • Locations vary from semester to semester.
  • Outreaches are primarily led to Calvary Chapel ministries throughout New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the South Pacific Rim.
  • Costs vary from outreach-to-outreach. They can range from 500 NZD to 1100 NZD, depending on where you go.
  • The costs are NOT included in the tuition price.
  • Costs include transportation, housing, and meals (unless they are otherwise specified).
  • There are various types of outreaches–practical ministry, evangelism and discipleship ministry, children’s ministry, English lessons/camps, and others.
  • There will be an outreach reflection paper due as part of the Evangelism and Discipleship/ Community Outreach course.

Our Campus

Starting next semester, our campus will be in rural Waikato, about two hours northwest from our current location. We are looking forward to being closer to our ministry partners and able to be more involved in ministry. Being 10 – 15 minutes away from town will grant students space to breathe but also provide the opportunity to run to town for snacks and access ATMs. We look forward to the possibility of hosting conferences in the coming semesters. We are excited for all that the Lord has for us as we continue to seek His face and step out in faith.

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

We will update this website and our social media accounts as more information is available. To keep up to date, download our app, sign-up for our newsletter, or follow us on social media @ccbinz.

Do you have some questions?

Here you will find answers and information to some of the most frequent questions from prospective applicants.
Click on one of the options below to see the info.


How can I access the internet?
CCBI has wireless internet access across campus. There are certain websites that are restricted.

Will I need a laptop computer?
Yes, we recommend all students bring a laptop.

Will my iPod, iPhone, iPad or other electronic device work on campus?
Yes, most iPods, iPhones, iPads and other electronics will work on campus with some application limitations.

Do I need a converter and/or adapter for my personal electronics?
We highly advise that you bring adapters and/or a converter in order to enable your electronic(s) and electrical item(s) to be compatible with New Zealand’s electricity. Converters are more expensive than adapters. Additionally, they are difficult to find once you are here. Most hair dryers, curling irons, etc. will need a converter. Adapters are available for purchase in most electronics stores. Most laptops, iPods or MP3 players, and digital cameras may only require an adapter. They can be purchased in Rotorua as well, after arrival.

Here is what the NZ outlets look like:

Here is what the adapter for NZ looks like:

In order to determine whether you will need a converter or adapter: Check the transformer on your electronic or electric item to identify the range of electricity. If it indicates 110-240v, an adapter is sufficient. Failure to use the proper conversion accessory will result in malfunction.


Can family and/or friends visit me at CCBI?
CCBI welcomes visits by family members or friends. There are certain times of the semester which are open for family, especially during the semester speaker’s week.

Accessing Money

How do I pay my tuition? Please reference the payment options page. This will contain all methods of payment for completing your transactions.

What are some other costs not included in tuition?

  • Outreaches: will vary depending on outreach locations. The cost is between 500 NZD and 1000 NZD.
  • Laundry: Students need to provide their own laundry detergent.

What’s the best way to access my money while in New Zealand?

The easiest and most efficient method to obtain money is via ATM. Please note, most banks charge an ATM transaction fee and have a maximum daily withdrawal amount. In order to prevent your card from being deactivated, please notify your bank and let them know that you will be making international withdrawals/transactions.

Receiving/Sending Mail

How do I receive mail?

  • If you are receiving a package, please ensure that the sender has clearly written your name on the package or letter.
  • If they are mailing you a package, they will be required to complete a customs form.
    When completing the contents section, please ensure that–if applicable–they write “GIFT – NOT FOR RESALE”.
    If a value over $40 is noted, you may be charged on the receiving end by New Zealand customs.
  • In order to prevent theft, please ensure that they DO NOT include cash in any package or letter.

Depending on the sending location, delivery method, and mailing options; packages can take anywhere from five days to four weeks.

How do I send mail?
Mail can be sent to our mailing address below or to our PO Box which is located in Te Awamutu town, 10 minutes from Campus.

Mailing Addresses

This is where personal mail for students should be sent

3/2596 Cambridge Road
Rotoorangi 3879
New Zealand
Our P.O. Box

This is where applications and supporting documents can be sent

Calvary Chapel Bible Institute
PO Box 193
Te Awamutu 3840
New Zealand

If there is something that is not answered for you here,
please contact us at: