We are very excited for what the Lord has in store for ministry at CCBI for the rest of 2020. It has been a challenging year, but we continue to trust in God’s sovereign purpose. As we are preparing for the remainder of the year, we are announcing three opportunities as we move forward:

Do you want to grow in your faith or spiritual leadership?

  • We will be offering a new opportunity starting in September 2020. It will consist of two five-week residential courses. One will be focused on Growing in Faith and the other will be focused on Spiritual Leadership. These are designed to be taken separately as 5-week courses, or together as a 10-week course. These classes will be constructed in a way that students will receive regular Bible Institute credit. Application Deadline: 1 August

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When will it be normal again?

  • We will be resuming our regular residential Bible Institute semester in February 2021. The dates for that semester are as follows:
    • Arrival Dates: 18-19 February
    • Departure Dates: 5-6 June

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Do you want to study online with us?

  • We have been recording classes in order to provide a video distance learning program. These classes will be accompanied by weekly one-hour live tutorials. These classes will run for 15 weeks and run alongside our regular semester dates.

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